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Loving support

What could be better than offering help in a place where it is much appreciated? With the Children with Hope Foundation we invested in the renovation of an orphanage in Marrakesh. The orphanage now has a cozy living room with furniture; a nice space where children can stay in a homely environment.

Homely furnishing

The caretakers and nurses in the orphanage now have access to diapers, milk, and a care chair in the babies’ room. But we also bought beds and bathtubs. Everything that the Children with Hope Foundation does is aimed at improving the daily conditions in Morocco’s orphanages. Simply, in a loving way, with a passion for babies and children.

Well spent donations

Every euro is well spent. Because our foundation was founded out of pure charity and awareness, not a cent is lost. We offer help in orphanages, exactly where it is needed. We specifically buy stuff on the spot and are fully focused on the current demand in the orphanage. With passion and from a conviction. That is the Children with Hope Foundation!

Adopting a child…

Is it possible to adopt a child from the Marrakesh orphanage? We get that question quite often. That is certainly possible. However, we don’t deal with the adoption process and we do not help with this. If you would like to know more about this, we refer you to contact the orphanage yourself (More information? Visit: info@enfance-espoir-maroc.org).

Make a donation?

Are you just as enthusiastic about the Children with Hope Foundation as we are? Do you want to help? Would you like to donate? Click here for the donation page.