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Be The Change You Want To See!

Loving help!

How well things are arranged and how nice we live here in the Netherlands, becomes clear the more you move towards more southern regions. There, the contrast between rich and poor is ever more apparent. With the foundation “Kindjes met Hoop” (Kids with Hope) we want to make a substantial contribution to the living conditions in the orphanages, homes for the elderly and homeless single mothers in Morocco. With loving help in the sense of, whatever is needed we get for these people. On the spot we make the difference. Be the change!


How do we do that?

Every euro we receive as a donation, we convert into tangible things. In materials, groceries and goods that make daily life in Morocco’s orphanages and elderly homes a little more bearable and pleasant. It may be a drop in the ocean, but for the children and the elderly there, we really make a difference.


Would you also like to donate to the orphanages and elderly homes in Morocco? Click here for our donation page.

About us

Awareness and charity, two genuinely nice points of interest that have so much to offer! That’s what our Children with Hope Foundation stands for. Whoever you are, wherever you come from; when you commit yourself to something with love, you make a difference. With our Children with Hope foundation we focus on children and elderly people living in orphanages and elderly homes in Morocco. Passion grew here into something beautiful that grows bigger every day.. Read on!

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