Frequently Asked Questions


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Foundation Kindjes met hoop is committed to the orphans, elderly and single mothers in Morocco, among others. The foundation exists was founded by Britt-Elena 30 years, with an unconditional love for children. In October 2019, the foundation became an official fact. Since then the foundation is growing fast thanks to the dear loyal followers, donors & our top ambassadors. The foundation is managed alongside a family and full time job!

All the money donated by our followers is spent 100% on the children and maintenance of the orphanage. We are in close contact with the orphanage and regularly take stock. We spend the money you donate directly on the spot on things they need in the orphanage or elderly home we have contact with. For example, mattresses, beds, bathtubs, or home furnishings. But diapers, powdered milk, walkers, or wheelchairs as well. In this way, the money always ends up in the right place. But we also look beyond that. For example, the garden is now being refurbished so that the little ones will soon be able to hop around and play there. We also want to start the crib-project where the little ones all get a new bed. The nurses also get a comfortable bed for the night shifts. In short: there are always points for improvement in the orphanage and the Children with Hope Foundation tries to respond to this. In addition, we have some other nice projects running within other orphanages that we can hopefully tell you about soon!

Yes, you can donate both a fixed amount and a one-off amount to our foundation.

Love it! You can donate via the link mentioned in the bio of Instagram or to NL11 INGB 0007 8468 31 mentioning ‘donation kids’ Thank you!

No, it costs too much to transport the items from the Netherlands to Morocco. We buy the supplies directly in Morocco.

Yes, that is possible if you provide transport and accommodation yourself. However, we advise against it, because you do not know if it will actually end up in the place you have in mind.

No, not at the moment. We do not have a donation point and do not accept children’s clothes or toys. Transporting this stuff is inconvenient and also very expensive. If you want to contribute, we are very much helped by donations. In this way we can be a lot more meaningful!

Yes, that is okay. But pay attention. You cannot just walk in and out. Visiting hours are linked to the sleeping rhythm of the children. 

Yes, that is okay. But pay attention. You cannot just walk in and out. Visiting hours are linked to the sleeping rhythm of the children. Are you in the area and would like to take a look? Send a message to +31 6 22 72 41 65 or e-mail to and we will provide you with address and visiting hours.

Yes and no. We do not arrange that ourselves, but would you like to contribute in that way? Then you can initiate that yourself. Don’t just think! Do! That is also Britt’s motto, the founder of the Children with Hope Foundation. Making the world a more beautiful place starts with yourself. Go for it!

Yes, provided of course it can make differences in the best interest of the kids and moms. Are you the one? Let us know right away! Send an email to: 

Yes, follow us on Instagram, share our mail and write positive about us! All such efforts help to make the foundation known!

Yes. You can set up a ‘go-fund-me’ action and try to raise money for the orphans! You can use our account number. 

That is certainly possible However, we do not deal with the adoption process and we do not help with this. If you would like to know more about this, we refer you to contact the orphanage yourself (More information? (read: