Elderly homes


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Direct help in the right place

Nice beds to sleep in. A walker to allow you to move around better. Crutches and wheelchairs. This is such a small list of items and material that the Children with Hope Foundation provided in an elderly home in Marrakesh. Simple, but donated full of passion and love. Because it’s these things that make life more pleasant and enjoyable. As the Children with Hope Foundation, we provide better living conditions for elderly people in elderly homes in Morocco, one step at a time.

Concrete help

The help that is provided by the Children with Hope Foundation is very concrete. Several times a year we visit the orphanages and elderly homes in Marrakesh. We look at the possible help we can provide and take care of it. So, every euro donated is therefore well spent and ends up in the right place! Lovingly converted into useful items and goods.

Your donation well spent

Every euro you donate to the Children with Hope Foundation, is well spent. We deliver stuff out of pure charity. And in doing so, we like to make people in the Netherlands aware of the circumstances in which people live and how they reside. Not a cent will be lost. We buy stuff for the elderly home on the spot and completely focused on current demand. That is the Children with Hope Foundation!

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