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How nice!

You would like to donate to the Children with Hope Foundation. That makes us very happy! But not only that. You help Marrakesh’s orphanages and elderly homes. We at the Children with Hope Foundation ensure that your donated amount is converted into concrete items. Daily household items, products, and groceries that will help a lot in the orphanages and elderly homes.

One-off or structural

With us, you can choose between a one-off donation or structural aid. In both cases: your donation will be well spent! Thank you very much. We will keep you up to date. Via Instagram and via this website.

Our details:

Financial details:

Below you will find information that may also be important, especially when you donate from abroad:

Our bank account number/ IBAN: NL11 INGB 0007 8468 31

Attn: Children with Hope Foundation

Bic/Swift code: INGBNL2A

Address bank:

ING Bank N.V.
Foreign Operations
PO box 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam
The Netherlands