About us


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Awareness and charity

Sometime during my work as a twenty-year-old au pair in Marrakesh, I became aware. Aware of the poverty and the distressing situations some children find themselves in. My eyes opened for orphans, street children, children who cannot always count on a warm plate of food or a soft bed to sleep in. I embraced the orphans and Marrakesh in my heart. Their fate touched me. And since then, I have been passionately committed to the orphans of Marrakesh. I lived there from 2016 to 2018. After I returned to the Netherlands, I wanted to offer structural aid from my own country.

Children with Hope Foundation

Everything I experienced in Marrakesh, what I felt and saw, I often recorded on film. A large part of the beautiful, but sometimes confrontational images I placed on Instagram. I soon got a lot of involved followers. And people wanted to help, to contribute to the work I was doing in Morocco. Many donations followed. In order to be able to tackle the charity activities in a structured way, I founded the Children with Hope Foundation in October of 2019. We mainly focus on an orphanage with 22 children. Since then we have been growing very fast thanks to our dear followers and donors. Colleague Thirza is now also involved in the Children with Hope Foundation. Together we manage the foundation next to our full-time job and family so combining it is occasionally a challenge, but luckily we do it with great pleasure! We spend most of our time working in the Netherlands, but we try to go to Morocco once a year anyway, and if time permits, several times of course.  In this way we can now work together in charity for the orphans of Marrakesh, full of passion and love. For some time now, the charity work of the Children with Hope Foundation has also been aimed at elderly homes in Morocco.

Offer on-site assistance

The beauty of our foundation is that we offer help on the spot. But we also spend the donations on the spot, at the suppliers of goods there. In this way we help the orphanages and elderly homes, but also support the local economy. We convert every donated euro into specific goods that are needed at that time in the orphanage or elderly home in question. We do not send money, but control what happens to the money ourselves.

Charity trips

Our beautiful work is getting bigger and more structured. I myself try to fly to Marrakesh three times a year and convert the donations into help and goods. At the beginning of 2020 I brought a group of interested women with me. Together we put our backs into it. Together we made steps in three orphanages and an elderly home. Furnished rooms, beds, medical supplies, but also bought groceries such as diapers and powdered milk in great quantities.

Togetherness and involvement

It is very nice to be meaningful to the lovely people of Marrakesh. Togetherness, involvement; we experience it there very personally and in a loving way. We are very pleased that we can make a positive contribution to this with our foundation, Children with Hope.

Lots of love,

Britt & Thirza